Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Crap,

Did anybody see that terrible dive from Joe Thornton tonight in Dallas?  The Sharks scored on that power play he drew (the penalty of which, even more outrageously, was assessed to innocent by-stander Michal Ryder, rather than Sheldon Souray), so, on a night where I had plenty of gripes about calls against the Sharks, I'm reminded to count my blessings before I go to sleep.

1. I am grateful that the Referees did not call goaltender interference on Tommy Wingels for tripping Kari Lehtonen or negate Daniel Winnik's goal.

2. I'm happy that, to my knowledge, the team plane was not injured in any of the tornadoes in Dallas, today.

3. I am relieved that Joe Thornton got away with that crazy dive in the second period!

4. I'm glad we had these two consecutive games against Dallas to get back into form.  Dallas always plays the Sharks physically, which brings out the best in the Sharks and also brings out a lot of penalties in the Stars!  This Sharks team has completely failed to hit people on game-to-game basis, which is very frustrating to watch--extremely so when they're losing.

5. I am so fucking grateful we won!

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