Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So this offseason is shit and we can't see the end of it. My sister's moving to new york and i've had a few drinks. deal with it. at a party, by the way, not like, by myself, like a loser or something. Anyway so hockey is cool. It's september 11, now, and I am seriously watching a BEST OF THOMAS GREISS video on the sharks' website right now. how sweet is that? fucking sweet. When he shut down the penguins in the shootout? that was cool. the shootout is cool, even though it's totally stupid. yeah, i said it. It's stupid. Thomas Greiss totally exceeded my expectations last season. The year we got Dany Heatley, I went to the Kings stadium and watched the Sharks Kings game. It was before the home opener. the sharks went down 4-0. my friends and i started talking shit with some kings fans and ended up buying rounds back and forth. This was before the kings were any good (like 2 years ago) and while we were out on a patio drinking crown and shitting on ducks fans (I shook a ducks fan's hand for the first time. it made my lip curl) the sharks came back to 4-3. my friend and I got back to our seats in time to see Heatley's first goal as a shark. that was cool. also those kings fans were cool. fuck the ducks. oh and I got to a railing in time to see brad staubitz pick a fight with ----- ivanans and have jody shelly step in for him to keep his face from being obliterated. jody shelley was a stand-up guy. Is a stand-up guy, for all I know. Anyway that was the night that thomas greiss came into the game at 4-0, had the sharks tie the game in the third period, and let a goal in from behind the goal line in the right corner. That was only the third game of the season, but I never fully trusted him again, until this past season. He wasn't flexible like Irbe. He didn't control the play like Nabby. He didn't make a solid wall like Niemi. He did win a bunch of games though. I noticed. He was good. Plus its cool that the sharks are the only team with German players. The entire starting line-up for the 2010 German Olympic team was sharks draftees and denis seidenberg. They got their asses kicked, but they were up against Sweden, Finland, and... uh...Belarus, but that was also cool, that they were a bunch of sharks draftees. Anyway, I believe in Thomas Greiss. Thank you.

(not seen: thomas greiss probably makes another save, but the shootout and its coverage are fucking stupid.)(yes, the video linked to the Best of Thomas Greiss promotion does not feature his game-winning save.)

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