Sunday, October 16, 2011

Games 2 & 3: Back-to-Backes

Last night's loss to the Blues comes after the 1-0 road loss to the Ducks.  It's no big deal.  It was the first of three instances of back-to-back games the Sharks have in three weeks.

I was at the ducks game, at least the second two periods.  Greiss looked good in that game, but the Sharks' coordination, especially on the powerplay, looked really bad.  There were many passes to no one and even more directly to or through ducks players.  Brent Burns, in particular, seemed to be struggling to coordinate with the others.  He will get it together, I have faith, but it looks like it may be a much slower process than I had anticipated.

The Sharks fans in attendance weren't bad; they did the chomp and got a few chants going.  I was very disappointed that they did not make any attempt to boo Corey Perry whenever he touched the puck and, for their failure to do so, I blame this loss on them.

To be clear:  I do not bother booing Corey Perry at the Shark Tank.  Fuck him.  But one of the big selling points of this trip, to me, was the opportunity to boo the Hart Trophy-winner in his own building on opening night and have it be very audible to him and the television audience.  That would have been worth a long drive.  As it is, I arrived late and couldn't get that to catch on in the second or third periods, so I am at least partly to blame for the attending their failure.

Ducks fans like to hold the Ducks' Stanley Cup-winning season over our heads, but come off as so bitter that it honestly was kind of sad.  Maybe I've just grown a thick skin.  Their only energy seemed to come from resentment of the Sharks fans in attendance and the more venomous it got, the more pathetic it came across.  I think the Ducks did manage to sell out their home-opener, though, with our help and I did see a lot of ducks fans in jerseys.  Until this trip, I wasn't certain they existed.

The Blues game was far more compelling and showed marked improvement in play over the ducks game.  After spotting the Blues a goal, the Sharks took the lead in the second period.  Burns got his first goal as a Shark just as I was in the middle of complaining about his weak-ass shots from the point.  I'm glad for him.  Hopefully that will make him feel better about his discombobulated play the night prior.  However, the Sharks gave up their lead in the third period and lost 4-2 after an empty-net goal.  I've warned my friends that the Blues are going to be good this year.  I have high expectations for them.  Not as high as my expectations for the Sharks, obviously, but high.  The Sharks should easily be able to beat them, but the Blues caught the Sharks as they're still getting their act together, early in the season.  I'm not worried yet.

Sharks now 1-2-0 (W-L-T).

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