Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Season Highlights: February 19, 2011

What a night it was, that rainy night in February!  It wasn't the most pleasant of weather that evening and it wasn't the most competitive of games, but it was memorable as Devin Setoguchi's first NHL hat trick and, perhaps, the NHL's first umbrella trick.  Seriously, who throws an umbrella?

It shouldn't be lost that none of his three goals were assisted by Joe Thornton.  Devin earned them without the best play-maker on the team, upon whom he has seemingly relied the last few seasons for his elevated goal totals.  Couldn't ask for a prettier three goals, either.  Break-aways always add that extra bit of anticipation before the big moment.  I remember that, in his post-game interview, when he was asked about the crowd after his third goal, he remarked that he thought we were more excited about the free pizza as a promotion when the Sharks score four goals at home.  Don't say that, Seto!  We were genuinely happy for you!  Also: pretty sick of pizza!  I'm still recovering from all the free pizza I ate during the 2008-2009 season.  Lord, I thought I would never eat another pizza.  But it was freee!
Anyway, the other point of interest was that it was the first game in which the Sharks got both a hat-trick and a shut-out.  Cool!

oh, and congratulations to whichever goalie got that shut-out.

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